Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What’s Up Wednesday: November 2015

I haven’t blogged since Thursday…you can always tell when Ryan is off from work.  I get “out of the zone” when he’s home and choose to spend more time with him and the kids vs. blogging.  Plus, I’ve been doing a lot of things in preparation for 2016!  I have big goals for that year!

Today I’m linking up with The Larson Lingo, Pinterest Told Me To, and Mix & Match Mama to answer the questions  below.  And the bonus question is “What is your favorite Christmas tradition?”

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 1.58.02 AM
Here’s what’s up lately.

This week we are eating leftovers.  We have so much food in our fridge, so we’re cleaning it out.  Litearlly, I decide what we’re having for dinner a couple of hours beforehand (not my style, but it’s a weird week).  We had a neighborhood potluck the other day and I made these yummy pinwheels (no pic).  I also made some monkey bread in muffin tins.  Many meals have consisted of coffee.  I have been SO tired lately and I’m not sure why so I’ve been drinking lots of coffee.  I also made my mom’s delicious banana bread yesterday!  

I definitely have been thinking about when Beckham was born!  These pictures keep popping up on my newsfeed from 4 years ago and I remember these moments so vividly.  It seems like forever ago.  I can’t believe he’s so big now!  I was just thinking how awesome it is to have both kids out of the newborn stage.  Seeing him up close for the first time!  My heart exploded!

He was born a few days before Thanksgiving that year, but we were released the night before and had our own little Thanksgiving at home.

Like most people, I’m loving the holiday season!  Anticipating the Thanksgiving feast, planning for Christmas, and just the overall goodness this season brings!  My mom and I went to lunch on Monday and afterwards she came over to help me decorate for Christmas!  I only wish the décor could stay longer!  And I’ve been loving coffee at home.  I was getting in a habit of drinking Starbucks, but I’m trying to only use that as a splurge…plus, there’s something so cozy about drinking coffee from a mug in your pajamas!


This month we had Beckham’s birthday party, which I blogged about here.  We’ve also been playing A LOT outside because the weather is gorgeous (we only get a couple months of that).  I’ve made an effort to stay home more this month.  We were super busy running around everywhere last month and it’s been great to have the boys play with their toys and in the backyard.  We had family pictures and Beckham’s 4 year well visit also.  That well visit is no joke!  The picture below is BEFORE his shots…it was traumatic…for like 5 minutes.  He was over the shots shortly after, but those few seconds were tough.  He’s doing great and has jumped way up with his height (30% to 60%).

I’m not dreading anything :)  How can you dread anything this time of year?!

I have been working on lots of orders.  I’ve also been working on creating a schedule to simplify and have a much more productive year next year.  Specifically, a cleaning schedule.  People always told/tell me to “just let it go.”  Meaning, let the thought of having a clean house go…it’s not gonna happen.  Well, I just don’t believe that.  Obviously, things will be different with kids (more toys everywhere, more cleaning up messes/coloring on walls/etc), but I don’t believe your house has to succumb to your kids disasters.  I WILL make it happen this year.  It’s also a parenting role I have to take in teaching my kids how to take care of a home.  But it can’t happen without a plan.  We are also working on Beckham being grateful, specifically when opening presents!  I really got an eyeful when we had his birthdays.  Christmas morning will be a HUGE teaching opportunity in how to open presents.

I am excited about eating stuffing, potatoes, rolls, and  green jello on Thursday!  I’m also PUMPED to see my best friend, Brittany, today!  She moved to Utah (and has lived in Waco the last few years), so we don’t get to see each other often.   

I just finished For the Love by Jen Hatmaker.  I LOVED it and recommend it!  I’m not reading anything right now though. 

Like every year, I’m listening to Michael Buble Holiday on Pandora.  Sadly, I’ve been listening to this since October (but only randomly if it popped on).

I wore my first scarf of the season last Sunday, but forgot to take a picture.  This is an outfit I snapped this month.  Not sure if I showed it already, but the top is from Walmart.  It’s incredibly comfy and cute!  I’ve been wearing a lot of jeans and light weight boots.

Prepping for Christmas.  I’ve done NO shopping and need to start buying!  I will probably hang out with family again and catch up on things around the house.  Ryan has games this weekend.  It’s supposed to be rainy and cold on Saturday, so we will have to find something fun to do indoors. 

Christmas…where I don’t have to bring a breast pump to 4 different Christmases and pump!  Hallelujah!  This picture is from last year on our limo ride with my family to see Christmas lights.  We will have fun with Elf on the Shelf, decorate a Gingerbread house, listen to Christmas music, drink hot cocoa and watch movies, see Santa (I’m nervous about this for M), and start new traditions.  

Beckham had a Thanksgiving feast at school last week.  He was a cute little Indian!  His placemat said he was thankful for “fruit snacks, mom and dad, my family, and race cars.”  Fruit snacks were first! :)

Also, my neighbor made us this cute Fall/Winter yard décor.  Front side is a scarecrow and the back is a snowman.  He made it so it was a little different than the one he has in his yard.  I love it!
And I found that picture I told y’all about that resembled Maddox’s school picture.  Mama on the left, Maddox on the right!PicMonkey Collage

BONUS QUESTION – What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
Growing up, we didn’t have any “weird” traditions, but I love traditions and can’t wait to set our own.  Now that Beckham is old enough, this year will start the year I let the boys (I’ll pic M’s this year) pick out an ornament for their tree.  When they’re grown and on their own, they’ll have little memories to start their own Christmas tree.  We’re starting an advent calendar this year and every other day or so, instead of chocolate (or candy), there will be a paper with an activity for the boys and I to do.  Whether that be take brownies to the fire department or make a card for our cashier at the store. 

And each year, my mom made monkey bread for breakfast on Christmas morning.  I have continued that tradition and will continue to do so.  Cooking for my boys is one of my favorite things to do.  I’m glad I’ll have two boys to cook for as they grow…cooking for others is definitely a love language of mine!  Christmas morning will be no exception!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Beckham is FOUR

I can’t believe he’s finally 4!  My baby really is growing up!  You can read his birth story here.

Dear Beckham,
Today you turn 4 years old and I couldn’t be happier!  I love watching you grow and change throughout the years!  Your 3 year old self was challenging, but your personality grew a lot too.  3 is by far the hardest age to manage, so I’m optimistic for this next year.  I can already see so many changes even now.  I think the best part of this age is the conversations!  Your little mind is so fun and your expressions are hilarious.

Words cannot describe how much we love you and are blessed to raise you! My life completely changed 4 years ago today and I wouldn't trade it for anything! You are a firecracker, a talker, super athletic, so smart, a negotiator, an amazing big brother, the fastest 4 year old I've seen run, you have a keen sense of humor, you don’t like hugs or kisses (they're "gross"), you love helping me bake, love to ride your bike, thrive on social interaction with kiddos, would live outdoors if you could, ask more about Jesus everyday, crazy energetic, and are so stinking funny! You definitely don’t lack in personality! Oh, and you love the word "poop" :)

We plan to sign you up for soccer soon and I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this moment!  You’re naturally athletic, so it will be neat to see which sports or activities you gravitate towards and enjoy!  You got a new soccer ball and portable net for your birthday today! 

I cannot express enough what a great big brother you are.  You’re a pretty rough and tough kiddo, but you’re actually very sweet to Maddox.  And VERY protective.  The other day, there were two little boys playing on the playground near him and you ran up to them telling them he was your brother…”he’s mine.”  Don’t get me wrong, you give him a push or two every now and then, but overall, you’re really sweet to him.  You two love to wrestle.

You are really into trains, Legos, cars, dinosaurs, and starting to get into imaginary play.  Your favorite TV shows are Paw Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Trucks, Team Umizoomi, and Bubble Guppies. You’re a pretty good eater and not too picky.  You would snack all day long if you could.  And you’re obsessed with numbers.  You want to know how old everyone is.  You want to know the time or how long something will take.  And you want us to put numbers on your toast with jelly!  

Sadly, you lost your favorite little Bunny this year.  You have a replacement bunny, but when you see pictures of you and your old bunny, you talk about wanting him back.  You suck your thumb with your bunnies, but we’ve been talking about how 4 year olds can’t suck their thumbs, so we’ll see how well you stop. 

I feel so so blessed to have spend the last 4 years with you at home.  I’ll never get this time back and I’m cherishing it!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Beckham’s 4th Birthday Parties

Beckham turns 4 tomorrow and I am PUMPED!   He really is getting so big and turning into a kid.  The best thing about a 4 year old is the conversations.  This kid is so funny!  He lacks no personality.  His expressions are priceless.  I’ll get into more about him tomorrow, but I wanted to document how we celebrated!

I decided to go really low key this year and do a “Park Party.”  Have the kids play at the park and have some pizza, juice, and cupcakes!  About a week before his party, lost of rain was forecasted for that day.  It has been BEAUTIFUL lately, but random days of rain.  Monday happened to be rain.  Here were his cute invites.
Park Birthday BECKHAM 5x7 edits

BUT, we ended up at McDonalds!  I was nervous it was going to be crowded and a huge disaster, but it all ended up great!  Y’all, I saved so much money this birthday.  It’s no secret, I love to host parties and will spend good money to entertain.  That is one place I’m not good at being frugal!  So this was pretty cool to do on a low budget. 

I bought each kid a Happy Meal and brought cupcakes!  I made the cupcakes so it only cost me $6 for those.  It cost a total of $33 for the Happy Meals!  And free to have it there.  I just called the manager and he reserved a table for me.  The only other cost was party favors (Paw Patrol mask, Play-dough, and a couple suckers we already had).  I kept the guest list fairly small for this exact reason of possibly doing Plan B.  Being on a Monday obviously eliminated a couple of his friends, but majority of them are kids who are home with mom most of the time (since that’s who we hang with a lot).

We kept the same time so that they could play first before the lunch crowd hit.  It was perfect.  There were a few people there with their kids…I really wanted to go up to them and apologize for being there…I’m sure they were annoyed. :)


Beckham really had such a great time and just loved playing with his friends and eating cupcakes!  He tore through his presents like a Tasmanian devil (anyone else feel like gift opening should be a class for kids…so many life lessons to teach through that process) :)  We are so grateful for our friends who took time out of their day to come celebrate with us!

Sidenote: Maddox was so fun to watch during this party.   He totally thought he was one of the 4 year olds.  He climbed right up to the table, sat with everyone, ate his food (and didn’t get down at all), demolished his cupcake, and looked as if he was “participating” in the conversation!  It was great!  Ryan was able to come during his lunch break which was cool and Glenna (MIL) came which helped a ton with Maddox while I was “hosting.” 

Since the McDonalds party was a friends party and we still like to celebrate with family, I hosted my family at my house the Sunday beforehand.  I had everyone over for chili, the Cowboys game, and cake!  I love my family and so glad we got to just hang out.  We always find excuses to hang out!

Beckham and his cousin, Tenley!  They’re a year apart and obsessed with each other!

Aunt Kerry with the kiddos!

Cake time! 

Happy 4th Birthday!
family pic

4 years ago!  I just can’t believe it.

We had a great time celebrating Beckham!   We’ll continue the celebrating tomorrow!