Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nursery Tour…and Boy Room and Playroom

I’ve been wanting to do a tour of the nursery for a while now and finally just took some pictures.  It was raining when I took these so the photography is not the best.  They could definitely be better, but with a 2.5 week old, this will do.  I’m linking up with Andrea to showcase “Kids Rooms.”  You’ll get to see Maddox’s nursery, Beckham’s nursery (soon to be big boy room), and the Play room.  First of all, here is a picture of our family of FOUR and our newest addition snuggled on a pillow.

I wanted a very calm, neutral room for Maddox.  We kept the walls the color we originally painted them and went from there.  I scored this white crib on Facebook for $60, so we kept all the furniture white.  I need to spray paint the gold owls, white.  When the lights are off and the lamp is lit, it is extremely peaceful.  Maddox is not sleeping in this room  yet, but hopefully just a few more weeks till he’s sleeping through the night, then we’ll move him.


A few things about the room:
LOVE sign – I made the sign myself and had it printed on canvas from Shutterfly.
Tree decals – I found them on Etsy and absolutely love them!  I got them HERE.
Crib – Found on Facebook…it’s a Graco crib.
Dresser – From Target
Curtains – These about did me in!  I wanted white Blackout curtains.  After searching and purchasing/returning two different ones, I made my own.  I ordered some white curtains from Target and then bought some blackout fabric from Joanne’s Fabric store.  I clipped the two (curtains & blackout fabric) together.  Then I cut off the bottom part of the fabric since there was about 2 inches showing,  Wah-lah!  It’s extremely dark during the day in that room.
Décor – All of the décor (lamps, all the mirrors, owls, yellow polka dot sign, shelves, clock) are from Target.
To the Moon sign – from Hobby Lobby
Child of God – I made this and it’s available in other colors in my SHOP

Next up is Beckham’s room.  He’s 2 1/2 and this is our next project.  I wanted to do it before the baby came, but it was just too much with getting a nursery ready.  I’m super excited about transforming his room into a “big boy” room!  But, here is what it looks like as a nursery (minus the rocking chair, which was moved into Maddox’s room).


I’m thinking about selling his crib and dresser/hutch and use the money to buy other furniture (since I’ll replace his bed anyway), but I’m not exactly sure yet.  I saw this loft bed with some space underneath, which would be cool for “tent” like activities.  I plan to have more toys in his bed room.  Right now, all the toys are in the playroom. 

Speaking of, here is the playroom.  I miss having a room dedicated to an office, but it really is worth the space to house all the toys!


I’d also like to make some changes to this room after having a kid for 2 1/2 years and learning a few things.  Storage is key in a playroom.  I’d like to get a tall white armoire to house some bins with toys by category.  The older kids get, the more nick-knack toys they have that need a bin.  Cars, trains, Legos, animals, colors, etc.  Too many little pieces that need a storage container. I might move those iron sports signs into Beckham’s big boy room and have the armoire there.  Just FYI, we have a 3 bedroom/2 bath house with a study (playroom), dining room, living room, kitchen, and breakfast nook.  It seems small when I compare it to others, but honestly, it’s big enough.   Hope you enjoyed seeing the areas dedicated to our kids. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

4 weeks of #oliviaeveryday2014 (Weeks 24, 25, 26, 27)

This post is way over due, but we’ve been a little preoccupied the last few weeks.  So I’m combining 4 weeks of my daily Instagram pictures.

Day 162 Day 162: Watermelon = Summer!

Day 163
Day 163: Beckham randomly asked to “hold baby” today.  He loved it…and so did Coy!  This was his first time holding a baby.

Day 164
Day 164: We are tracing letters and he is very proud of his work.

Day 165
Day 165: Movie in a box with popcorn!  He’s in Heaven!

Day 166
Day 166: Thankful for this guy!  Most important person for my little man is his dad and I’m blessed he’s molding and training my most prized possession!

Day 167
Day167: My view tonight!  USA!  We wait a long time for the World Cup…it’s one of my favorite things to watch on TV.

Day 168
Day 168: Mimo is the best…met me in Dallas to watch B during my 10 minute appointment and has helped take care of B all day while I put my feet up and “enjoy” the last days of pregnancy…and brought me a sonic drink.

WEEK 25:

Day 169: Just me and B tonight…he’s helping me make a batch of plain and blueberry banana bread!  My little cook!

Day 170
Day 170: Play Date!  Love these kiddos and their moms!

Day 171
Day 171: That face is the best thing ever! Today is Beckham’s day.  We took him to the bounce house place and then to pizza and games afterwards.  He had a blast!

Day 172
Day 172: This guy deserves a big shout out!  Been taking care of our crazy toddler all day today while I rest. 

Day 173
Day 173: Cheering for the greatest sport created!  He was cheering for the USA and saying “Go Lu-S-A”…it was pretty cute!

Day 174
Day 174: Snow cones in summer!

Day 175Day 175: A clean kitchen!  A weird pic for my everyday picture, but I came home to a clean house today after my doctor appointment by my hubby who was trying to cheer me up (I was a little down about not having the baby yet).  This is pretty huge as I’m kind of OCD about cleaning and like to do it myself!  So sweet!   But no worries…look who showed up the next day…

WEEK 26:

Day 176
Day 176: New life! 9lbs. 1oz. and 21 inches.  Longest day of my life.  But worth it!  24 hours of labor and I’ve been up for 43 hours.  We named him a couple days later.  Maddox Cade!

Day 177
Day 177: Meeting “baby brudder” for the first time.  B wanted him to go to Chick-fil-a with him for lunch.  He has been AMAZING with him so far.

Day 178
Day 178: We’re home! I see a lot of this in my future.  He cries a lot!  This boy likes to be held.

Day 179
Day179: Burrito!  Don’t worry he escaped.

Day 180
Day 180: This is how I roll from 10pm to 8am!  My parents don’t need sleep right? #nightowl

Day 181
Day 181: Watching Bachelorette with Maddox while Ryan and B get a snow cone!

Day 182
Day 182: How we do the USA World Cup game with a toddler in the house.  Give him whatever he wants and a movie so he doesn’t bother us :)

WEEK 27:

Day 183
Day 183: Time with my BIG boy!  I had spent so much time with Maddox the last couple of weeks and it felt good to cuddle with Beckham!

Day 184
Day 184: Sweetness after a bath!

Day 185
Day 185: Thing 1 and Thing 2!  Happy 4th of July.  I thought about going out for fireworks, but we decided to stay home.  My parents came over and had brisket!

Day 186
Day 186: This was pretty much my day.  Not a bad view!  His days and nights were mixed up…now they’re much better!

Day 187
Day 187: Waking up!  Sweet lips!

Day 188
Day 158: Meeting some besties!  This was the best picture out of at least ten.

Day 189
Day 159: The life! Breakfast on the couch with Super Why!  This was my first morning with both boys by myself.  My mom did come over later that morning to help me out. 

These have been a busy and fast last few weeks.  The newborn stage is hard in my opinion, so I’m not too sad it’s flying by.  I’m all good when we have consistent sleep and breast feeding is going well.  I can see the consistency, which is nice.  And he’s sleeping a tad longer at night.  My life with 2 boys has officially begun!  I can’t wait for the adventures!