Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#oliviaeveryday2014 Week 43

This was a busy week, a trying week, a week of perspective.  I’m looking forward to saying NO and diving into my kids more!

Day 288: Mean muggin’ it! 

Day 289: A successful tummy time!  His best yet!

Day 290: I LOVED this moment.  We were running around like crazy on Friday, getting ready for my Fall festival gig the next day and we stopped at Chick-fil-a (M in his car seat asleep).  When it’s just B and I eating lunch here, he will eat his entire lunch BEFORE he plays.  I give him the option to go play if he wants, but he sat here so good and we just chatted!

Day 291: On Saturday, I took some signs to my high school’s Fall Festival to sell/showcase.  My mom is a Kindergarten teacher there and she stayed with me the whole time and we chatted for hours at my booth!  Y'all she is "the man" around there...everyone loves her!  Not surprising.  It was the chillest day!  I knew so many people there and met new people as well.  I didn’t sell near as many as I thought I might…there just wasn’t a whole lot of people there compared to last year.  It was a good experience though and I did get a couple emails already for custom orders.  Ryan was home with BOTH boys and I didn’t have to change one diaper or hear one cry.  I was nervous for Ryan, but when I got back home (I was gone 8 hours), he said it was “fine” and “they must have had a good day.”  I kind of wanted to kick him in the knees for having such an “easy” day, but I was thankful the boys were good for him…kind of!  Haha, just kidding. 

Day 292: On Sunday, we went over to some friends house for the Cowboys game!  How bout them Cowboys!  6-1 record so far.  I bought these little jerseys at Albertson’s.  They only had a 12 month onesie for Maddox, so I figured he would be able to wear it all season.  Holy moly, that thing is kind of tight on him!  This kid is huge!

Day 293: My cute lunch date on Monday!  I wait till after Maddox’s nap to grocery shop on Mondays if I haven’t gone on the weekend.  So we hit up McAlister's before our grocery run since it was lunch time!  Sweet Maddox slept the entire time.  B was happy because he got juice in a big cup.  This grandma (sitting with that man behind B) came up to me a few minutes after we got there and said “you’re such a sweet mom.”   It was just what I needed to hear that day.

Day 294: This is me every night…hair up, make-up wearing off, shirt covered in slobber or vomit or both, at my computer working, praying both boys stay asleep and telling myself “I’ll go to bed earlier tonight” and never do.  Every time I want to feel sorry for myself, I think of the Proverbs 31 woman who is a “hard worker, always busy looking after her family’s needs, knows the value of her work and works late into the night.”  It encourages me. 

On Wednesday, the trash man comes.  Beckham’s favorite time of day!  He’s peeking out the window to watch him.

We went to the store later that evening and Beckham pushed his first cart ever!  Y’all he was so proud.  You could tell he thought he was big stuff and he acted like he was 20!  It was adorable.  I only got run over 36 times and only 3 people had to dodge him. Lol.

Working late on Wednesday, but I’m obsessed with my new Family Rules sign.

Everyday after pre-school, he HAS to go to the side of the entrance and scream into this pipe.  He cracks himself up every time.

Target!  Looking at some décor for B’s room!

Friday was crazy…I love Starbucks!  I just do!

Things got crazy on Friday night…you can read my Mom Honesty post HERE.

Saturday was Fall festival time…oh you know just pumping before it started in my mom’s classroom!  8 months to go!

Get home to give this little one a bath!  So precious!

Maddox had a weird morning and woke up at 6:45am.  He was napping when we needed to leave for church and would have needed to eat soon after church started.  We just moved into a facility that does not have a family room so I decided to stay home with M, while Ryan and Beckham went to church.  I read my devotional and drank coffee while he napped.  This is by far my favorite thing to do these days.

Later that day, we were getting ready to leave for our friends house when Maddox had a blowout all down his leg and onto the pillow he was standing on in his exersaucer.  It was disgusting so we had to do a bath.

These are friends we used to watch the games with before any of us had kids.  We used to eat dinner in actual seats, watch the game, and talk to each other.  Now, 7 kids later, we make cupcakes with kids while the game is on inside the house (where the husbands are). 

On Monday, I was trying to get a good photo of the boys in their “brother” shirts…I can tell this photo stuff is going to be hard to synchronize them. 

We opted for this so Maddox would look at the camera.

I’m trying something new with M’s schedule so hopefully his 4 month update (what?!) will have some good comments about his sleep!  So far, he’s doing well tonight.  Have a great week!  Pumpkin patches and low key things for our week ahead!

Fall Décor and A Yummy Soup

I’m not sure what person doesn’t LOVE Fall, but I’m right there with everyone else!  It’s just a wonderful time of the year.  Perfect transition into the “MOST wonderful time of the year.”  I wanted to share some SIMPLE things around our house that make it a bit more seasonal. 

I don’t decorate for Halloween, but more Fall.  Perhaps I’ll decorate more when the kids are a bit older.  I also needed to keep it REALLY simple and easy to put up this year.  First up, our mantle.  Just decorating your mantle can make a big change.  I simply added a Fall garland from Hobby Lobby, which instantly changed the look.  I added some sparkly sticks in that vase that was already there.  The candles were already there too.  I scored that Fall subway art at Michaels for $6!!!!  Then I made a banner on the fly after making one for my friend Erika for a 60th birthday party.  It’s glittery!  I like it! 


This is the buffet table right when you walk in the front door.  Can you tell I love mirrors?  I believe each room should have at least 1 mirror!  It’s a great way to open up a room, especially if you have a small house.  I added one of my Fall signs, leopard wood pumpkins, some Fall leaves I used for B’s Fall themed party last year, and a small Fall garland to go around that lamp.  I bought all that at Hobby Lobby.  That place is amazing!  This “buffet table” is actually an old dresser.  I would love to refinish it one day…one day :)

If you want a sign to add to your house for FREE, click HERE to download it (link is in that post).  Just print from computer and stick in a frame!

Okay, so this picture is so bad and really doesn’t display what it looks like in real life, but I have a few Fall items on tp of this small book shelf across from our dining room in the entry way.  I found this owl piece at Michaels for $12 and it has candles in it, but you can't really see them (they’re lit).  I put last year’s Halloween picture in this leopard frame each year.  And that glass pumpkin usually holds tons of candy…it was running low.  Somehow B hasn’t discovered it yet, otherwise he would totally be in it.  My decorations have totally changed since having kids.  Surely I’m not the only one whose kid pulls stuff down or colors on it or thinks it’s a toy???

I add this little pumpkin piece over our garage door.

And this little guy sits on top of our bar…it’s really pretty when lit.

If you want to impress your guests this year at Thanksgiving, prop THIS beauty up on an easel or in a corner.  You can find the printable HERE.  Check out below how one of my customers displayed her sign.  I just love the green frame and garland around it.  This is a 16x20, but you could do any size.  An 8x10 would be great on a table.  
photo (90)

Speaking of, here is how another customer displayed her Happy Fall Y’all sign

Just some simple touches in our house.  A great way to decorate your house on a budget is to focus on one big area (usually mantle) and make everything else simple.  Also, spend money on one area each holiday and slowly add to your decoration stock so you can afford nice décor over time and not all at once.  Easier said than done. 

Oh and if you haven’t tried one of my favorite Fall recipes, you must make THIS SOUP.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Mom Honesty

I thought I'd share some honest pictures of what's going on in our house today. If you're like me, you compare yourself to other moms who "have it all together" and strictly on their pictures/blog. There is nothing wrong with posting picture perfect moments in your life...we all do it! But I thought I'd make you feel better about yourself today or at least reveal the "mess behind it all."  

It's been a busy day as I'm getting ready for a craft show tomorrow...my first ever. I went to bed last night at 3:15AM and will probably do it again tonight. I slept through my 7:30am alarm today which totally threw off my day. Maddox decided not to take but a 20 minute nap this morning, just enough for me to blow dry my hair. So I worked and let B watch cartoons and completely mess up the house. 

That's just the living room. Have you ever seen that photo of a mom sitting in her kitchen with complete mess and chaos going on around her and the husband comes home and just stares at the mahem. The mom looks at him and says, "You know how you ask me what I do all day? Well today, I didn't do it."  It's so funny because it's so true. 

That would be my kitchen.  We did hit up Chick-fil-a before errands so I totally take good mom credit for that. The boy needed to burn some energy. 

Now we're back home and I still have a lot to do. So our house will continue to look like this until Ryan gets home tonight. To which I will tell him I didn't do what I spend hours doing every day. And gladly accept his help cleaning it up. 

How did I blog this? On my phone in the play room while B played and M laid on the floor. 

Now I have to go change a dirty diaper of an almost 3 year old. Ugh potty training! Hope you enjoyed some mom honesty. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

#oliviaeveryday2014 Week 41 – State Fair visit

It has been super busy around here lately (more on that later), hence  my lack of blog posts!  I have a Fall festival this year that I’m participating in as a vendor.  It will be my first time ever to sell “in person.”  Since my products are digital, I’ve had to do a lot of prep, research, and printing, but hopefully it will pay off and I’ll earn some new customers before this holiday season.  Here was our week with a pic a day (via Instagram) as well as our visit to the Texas State Fair!

Day 281: “Please don’t disturb me while I eat.”  B took his bottle the exact same way.

Day 282: Maddox was watching big brother play with trains, but soon he will be in on the action. 

Day 283: I came in the kitchen and found him with my coffee cup.  It was cute, but I was slightly annoyed…quit drinking my coffee dude!  That’s the LAST thing this boy needs.

Day 284: Brotherly love!  Probably my favorite picture of these two.  Beckham really is sweet towards Maddox...most of the time.

Day 285: The State Fair of Texas!  Getting our picture with Big Tex!  We took just Beckham…it was good to spend a little time with just him.  Our trip in details is below.

Day 286: Dinosaurs and puzzles on a rainy day!

Day 287: After school on Tuesday, we swung by a pumpkin patch on the side of the road to grab a pumpkin to carve…yep, we still haven’t carved it.  Maybe we’ll color our's this year.  He had so much fun checking out all the pumpkins...and throwing them.

I don’t know about other states, but here in Texas, the state fair is a big deal.  They have the BEST food and a ton to do.  We decided to lave Maddox home with Gramma, so we could enjoy some time with Beckham at the fair.  The weather was PERFECT for us.  Usually it’s pretty hot, but it was cool and slightly overcast.  Pretty much winter :)  We’re excited on our way in the car…

First up was a trolley ride to the gates.  We had to park so far away, even at 10am, that they drive you to the fairgrounds.  B loved this.  It might have been just as fun as being at the fair. 

We stopped by the small animals first.  He sat here for a while just staring at the bunny.  We all know bunnies are special to him (check out pic above…Buppy goes everywhere with us). 

Then we headed into see all the big animals.  As we were walking in, a girl gave us her animal food so we didn’t have to purchase any.  This was probably B’s favorite part of the entire visit.  You get to put the food on a shovel and feed the animals.  Some of the animals were turning their head away from food…I’m sure they’re so badly overfed!

Then we stopped for our first taste of fried heaven.  I forget what this was called, but it was basically a corn dog with powdered sugar and chocolate sauce drizzled on top.  Sounds disgusting, but it so wasn’t!!!  This is the ONLY time I eat a corn dog during the year.  Who knows what's in those things.  We also got this tropical “adult” beverage.  We won’t do that again…B kept asking for sips and it was getting annoying saying no every 2 minutes. 

However, they tore up the pineapple after we drank it.  Ryan saw a woman eating the pineapple from her drink, so he tried it and said it was the best pineapple ever.  Beckham does EVERYTHING daddy does.

Afterwards, we headed into the Kid’s Zone and stopped to take a pic!  Check out the Farris wheel in the background.  I’m too scared to ride it.  It’s like THE ride at the fair, but I’m afraid it will break.  Now that I'm thinking about it, I think there was a year it got stuck and people were on it for hours.  

Right across from the sea creatures photo prop, was this elephant and Beckham probably would have played on this thing for hours if we let him.  There was lots more down the road to ride/play but Ronald McDonald was putting on a show and he was too scared to pass him to get to all the other stuff.  So we headed to go get a picture with Big Tex (aka, “Big Cowboy” according to B).

BIG TEX!  2 years ago, he caught fire, so they had to build a new one.  It was a sad day in Texas and all over the news, but I think they rebuilt a good one.  He says “Howdy y’all” as you walk by.  B was enthralled with him and literally just stared at him.

We also tried fried s’mores and root beer while we were there.  The fair is known for the Fletcher’s corny dog.  The lines for them are crazy.  Check out this line.  The little roof with the triangles is where you buy the corny dog and the line was all the way back where I was.  We went on a Sunday and it was crowded...annoyingly crowded.  We didn’t eat as much as we normally do this trip.  By 2:00 I was really needing to pump, so we had to leave.  The fair is going to get even better as the boys get older!  And I’m sure we’ll spend four times as much.  

The effects of the state fair on a 2.5 year old!  I could not wake him up!

Hopefully things will slow down after this weekend.  Can’t wait to share how it goes.  I have a million post ideas/pictures to share.  I know many of you started following my blog based on my financial posts and I have some updates and more tips to share, but obviously things have been crazy!  Have a great weekend!