Friday, May 22, 2015

Life Lately: May (Part 4)

A lot of things are going on around here, but nothing more than...


It has been raining almost 2 months straight now.  We'll get a peek of sunshine here and there, but I've never seen so much rain.  This is actually really good for our usual droughts in the summer, but I'm ready for some sunshine so the boys can get outside and play.

Life lately around here looks like this...

This kid gets hurt quite a bit (consequences of a dare devil), but nothing a popsicle can't fix. 

Beckham finished his second year of preschool in the 2 year old classroom!  It was such a fun day and realizing he is such a kid now (vs. toddler).  All of the kids in his class were giving each other hugs and saying they were going to miss each other.  Considering B is NOT a hugger, this was quite funny!

We had a girls night at a new-ish restaurant in Downtown McKinney.  Thankful for our hubbies who watched the kids while we enjoyed some time together!

 I saw this on my Instagram feed...for all you teachers.

A sleeping baby melts my heart!  Look at those thighs!  I sure do make some large babies!

"Mom, what is that bright thing in the sky?"

Eating a little salad :)

I looked into the living room and saw Beckham readnig a book to Maddox who was actually listening.  He tackled B about 5 seconds later, but it was cute for a little bit!

My grocery store view!  Beckham has recently been walking  in the store and surprisingly, he's been pretty good.

So this is how Ryan and I spent our night last night!  Repainting the playroom from green to gray.  Finally my Pinterest boards are being put to use.  We might add another coat tonight.

And this is currently happening as I type.  The install stopped for a while why the storm passed, but they're almost done now.  I'll of course show the before and after patio once we get our furniture out there.  Our house faces the West so this is HUGE deal to have some shade back here, especially during the upcoming Summer.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!  Remember HERE is a fun drink (or two) to have this weekend!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Coffee Talk (Life Lately May Part 3)

I thought I’d share my favorite way to make a cup of coffee at home and talk about what we did over the weekend…you know?  Coffee talk!

It’s no secret I love Starbucks, especially a latte.  The foamy milk, sweet taste, and the creamy coffee.  Sadly, Starbucks doesn’t fit too well into a frugal lifestyle, so when I discovered how to make a pretty darn good cup of coffee at home, I was really happy! 

My friend Shannon came over one day for a play date with our boys and she taught me a neat trick to make foamy milk super fast.  Maybe I’ve been living in a cave, but this was new for me…and to think about putting it in my coffee.  So here’s how I like to drink coffee at home:

What You Need:
Cup of coffee – 1 cup
Whole milk (you can use skim or 2%, but whole will be creamiest) – 1/3 cup or less
Salted Caramel syrup – 1/2 -  1 Tbsp. (I probably use closer to 1/2 tbsp.)
1 packet Truvia  (optional if you like it sweet)
A whisk for milk
*Those measurements are total guesses.  I don’t really measure, I just do it to taste.  It depends on how strong or sweet you like your coffee.  I like mine creamy and sweet.

How to Make it:
Heat milk in the microwave for 40 seconds.  Once it’s hot, put the whisk between both hands and vigorously spin it back and forth until the milk starts to foam.  It only takes 10 seconds or so.  I hope that made sense. :)  Then pour the milk into your coffee (scooping the foam out because you may not use all the milk but you'll want the foam).  Add the Salted Caramel syrup and Truvia and stir the whole shabang together. 
*In the picture below (top right), I tried to show you how I hold the whisk...this is just with one hand you'll put your other hand where my thumb is and move back and forth (like you're making fire).

Y’all this is so good!  Thank you Shannon for showing me how to make this creamy foamy milk!  It’s fancied up my coffee at home!

Now that I have a yummy cup of coffee, let me dive into my weekend. 

Our weekend started Friday afternoon when I cautiously went to the gym with both boys.  I was super nervous like I mentioned in my Friday Favorites post about leaving Maddox.  I figured Beckham would do fine, but Maddox is only 10 months and loves his mama!  Surprisingly, he did great!  The child care worker there was so sweet and held him a good amount of time before he warmed up and joined the other little babies on the floor!  When I got there he was playing with a ball, happy as can be.  And Beckham, in true threenager fashion, had to be dragged bribed out of there.  I’m hoping they do well again.  Let me just throw out a shout out to my husband who took on a reffing job on Thursdays at this gym so I could have a membership here (it’s been my dream gym for several years, but it’s way too expensive).  Is he not the best husband?  I thought that was so thoughtful and selfless!

Later that night we met up with my family for dinner since my little sister was in town!  This is what it looks like when our family gets together.  And not everyone is even in the picture.  This is just my immediate family and spouses/children.


On Saturday, Ryan and Beckham went to Walmart to pick out a bike.  His reward for FINALLY being FULLY potty trained…if you catch my drift.  We had planned to get him a bike anyway, so we used it as incentive and bribery to get him to do both on the toilet.  I’ll share that sticker chart soon as I really liked that reward system.  When they got back from the store, Beckham had this bike and helmet.  The helmet cracks me up!  He’s in love with his bike and wants to ride it all day!


Later that day, my mother-in-law came over to watch the boys while we went out for Ryan’s birthday!  She came over early so we were able to run some errands, see a movie, and eat dinner.  It was extremely awesome!  First stop was a movie.  We saw Insurgent…the sequel to Divergent.  So good.  On another note, this is what I wore on our date.  I’m not a fashion person by any means…I prefer athletic attire, but do enjoy dressing up every once in a while.  Yes, this is me dressing up.  I had to share this outfit because I love it.  It’s so comfortable.  I got the shorts from Versona and the shirt from (caralase is the brand).  The shirts are loose and big, so I got a small and it’s perfect (I washed and dried it and it still fits great).  I love the shirt so much, I’m going to order another color as I’m sure I’ll wear them a lot this summer.  They are $14 on (regularly $37).
PicMonkey Collage

Second stop was Lowes.  Yes, the hardware store.  I’m painting the playroom gray and we needed to grab paint and supplies.  Let me just say, gray is the hardest color to find that perfect shade.  After an hour, we finally mixed the right one.  I can’t wait to paint it.


Third stop was dinner at one of our favorite places…Texas Roadhouse!  Bonus that we had a gift card and free appetizer.  If I was in prison (yikes) and was granted a last meal, I would choose Texas Roadhouse rolls with their cinnamon butter.  Just the rolls and butter.  I could make a meal out of them!  We were sitting outside of the restaurant and I looked up and saw the American flag.  I just sat there and felt so blessed to live in this country. 


We ended the night by walking to Albertsons and grabbing some grocery items on sale.  Had to walk off those rolls.  A perfect date if you ask me.

On Sunday we went to church, which was awesome as well!  Our pastor is doing a series on Beauty FULL and this week’s sermon was “What Women Really Want.”  It was hilarious and insightful, especially for men.  This was Beckham after he’d been in my closet entertaining himself while I got ready.  Fashion statement? 


Afterwards we went to my parents house before my sister headed back to Louisiana.  This was the only picture I snapped while we were there…Maddox chilling in his high chair.  Another reason I love this Graco high chair.  We took the top part off so we could take it to my parents and contain him while he eats :)


Once we got home, Ryan grilled some hamburgers and they were so stinking good!  Hamburgers are one of my favorite foods because you can make them so many different ways.  This is one of my favorites…melted cheese, lettuce, pickle, mayo, and bbq sauce!  Ryan added some salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce (can anyone say this word correctly?), and shredded cheese to the ground beef.


It was a great weekend!  Hope you had a good weekend as well.  Are you a coffee drinker too?  Any other tasty concoctions for coffee or do you like it black?

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites – FREE Printable

I’m pumped it’s Friday!  I get to see my whole family tonight at my favorite Mexican restaurant…my little sister is in town from Louisiana!  I also started on our playroom re-do, so hopefully I can have that painted this weekend!  Plus, it’s cleaning day around here and I’m taking the kids to the gym for the first time today.  Praying they (Maddox) do well and don’t freak out.  And to top it off, my 3.5 year old might be fully potty trained (crossing my fingers)…AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!

Last month, I shared a free printable with you guys and wanted to continue that this month as well.  I’ve been busy just keeping up with orders, so it was fun to finally sit down and design a little.   Just right click on the second image below, save to your computer, and print!  It’s sized to be an 8x10, but your printer should be able to print whatever you want (mine does in the printing options window when I open up the image from where I saved it).  I think it would look good in a solid black or gold frame.
ETSY listing
You are loved black white 8x10

Other than the favorites I first mentioned, here are some favorites this week…

I’ve really been enjoying my one on one time with Maddox while Beckham is at preschool.  He’s just so happy and is at the age where he’s learning so much.  I could just watch him all day long.  And he cuddles me…B never really did that.

Three years old is a crazy age.  One second I’m so frustrated with behavior and the next, I’m balling my eyes out because I’m realizing how big he’s getting.  We have real conversations and this kid is really funny!  The things he says crack me up all day long.  And considering he doesn’t have a “talking voice” and shouts everything, it can be embarrassing.  “Mom, I went poop in the potty so I get a bike?”  Oh geez.

I love pancakes and this has got to be my favorite recipe.  The buttermilk really does make a difference.  I made them exactly as the recipe calls for.  Click HERE for the recipe.

Ryan and I (thankful for a hubby who will watch this with me) just finished Season 10 and now we are a few episodes into the latest season.  This show is definitely one of my favorites.  We try to watch at least one episode a night…that’s all we have time for these days.  I’m pretty sure I know what the latest catastrophic event was based on my Facebook feed, but I’m playing dumb and waiting to see the episode.
greys anatomy

I’m not really sure this is a favorite of mine, but I really need to go pick out some glasses.  It’s such an overwhelming decision when you’re picking out glasses for the first time.  I tried on several at the doctor’s office and the black framed and tortious framed ones looked best.  Similar to these…

Hope you enjoy the free printable and tag me on Instagram if you use it (@snyderstellall or @joyfulartdesigns)…I’d love to see it in real life :)  Happy Weekend!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life Lately – Mother’s Day & Birthday Edition (May Part 2)

This last week has been so busy, but all good things (except for an ear infection).  Tons of get togethers, my hubby’s birthday, and lots of work. May is usually really busy with orders because people are ordering teacher signs for the end of the year gifts and Mother’s Day signs.  But I was able to relax a bit and have a good play date with one of my best friends yesterday and am coming up for air today to write a post.

First, let me start off on a depressing note.  I went to the gym, you know to tackle my monthly goals, and it is just sad how out of shape I am.  Before graduating college, I don’t think I went longer than one week without working out…my entire life.  Even when we had time off of soccer in college, I still worked out to stay in shape.  This was the first time after having Maddox, that I worked out!  10 months post partum and I finally hit the gym.  I got there and ran/walked for about 15 minutes.  Did some lunges/squats (like maybe a few sets) and started feeling the sting while I was doing my exercises.  The sting you feel after your workout when you’re done.  I woke up the next day completely sore in my legs.  It was sad.  Just sad.  I know I’ll get past this point, but I couldn’t believe how out of shape I’m in.  Wish me luck.

Saturday night we went over to Ryan’s parents house to celebrate his birthday. I managed to get only these photos.  We had steaks and ice cream cake.  I still need to share the recipe for the ice cream cake!  It’s the best.  How cute is Maddox and my brother-in-law’s dog? 

Maddox passed out on the way home and I thought he was precious…I didn’t want to move him!

The next day was Mother’s Day.  We hosted a Mother’s Day lunch at our house this year with my family and Ryan’s family.  I had to run a last minute errand before church, so I bought myself a Starbucks “from” the boys.

Once I came home, the boys were up getting ready for church.  Maddox just didn’t look right, so Ryan stayed home with him (he slept the entire time on his chest), while Beckham and I headed to church.  I love Mother's Day church service, so Ryan let me take him (Ryan usually takes B if Maddox is sick).

After church, we headed home and had both families over for lunch.  I served pulled pork sandwiches. Everyone brought some things to complete the lunch, so that was nice not having to prepare it all.  It worked perfectly and everything was delicious!  I was glad to take that off my mom’s plate as she usually hosts our family get togethers.  And it was nice to have my in laws over and combine it (side note: our parents knew each other long before I was born…my mom and Ryan’s dad sang in a band together).

I was busy prepping and enjoying company that I only managed to get this picture!  I love these two and am so thankful to be their mom!  Life is getting sweeter.

My mom!  She is seriously the coolest!  She’s become my best friend and I’m so thankful God chose her for me!

He’s just so happy!  Oddly enough, we had to take him to the doctor on Monday as I sensed he had an ear infection.  He did, but we got some antibiotics and he’s only been fussy that Sunday morning.  I’m falling more in love with this guy as time goes on! 

These are my tired eyes (thank you concealer) on Tuesday as Maddox and I ran some errands to get some gifts for Ryan!  I was so stinking tired and when I pulled up to Starbucks to pay, the computer had a glitch when reading my phone, so he gave me the drink free!  Just what I needed that day.  I’ve been going on 4-5 hours of sleep this past week.  Clearly, I’m failing on my sleep goals this month…again!

Tuesday evening after swim lessons, we headed to a local pizza place for Ryan’s birthday.  This was our view.  Beckham played at this park after dinner and wore himself out.

I told Beckham to smile and this is what he gave me!

And then there’s this cutie!

We came home, boys took their bath, and then we gave him our gifts!  We got him some Reef sandals, an ice cream maker, an iHome alarm clock, Rangers t-shirt, and a Smoothie King gift card.  Ryan is typically really hard for me to shop for, but the ideas kept flowing this year.  He wanted Reef sandals and that was it.  I feel like I was able to surprise him with some gifts he’s wanted, but didn’t ask for, so it was pretty neat to watch him open his gifts.

My little sister just got in town last night, so we have some festivities planned with her this weekend, as well as a birthday date for Ryan on Saturday.  Things have calmed down a bit and I’m excited for a fun weekend!

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