Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2015 Goals

Whew!  I’m tired.  June was crazy and so busy that I didn’t even realize yesterday was July 1.  We got a lot accomplished in June and I plan to relax a bit more in July. 

I want to go over June’s goals and see how I did.  Here were the goals I set and the To-Do List I had:

I had 3 goals in this category.  Read One Thousand Gifts.  Start my Year Reading Plan. And start going to my summer Bible study.  I started reading One Thousand Gifts and could not really get into this.  I’m not sure what it was, but I was so bored.  Not that it’s an entertaining book, but I felt I was so lost, overwhelmed by her “above my head” language, and not taking anything away from each chapter (I was literally just trying to get to the end of the chapter so I could put it down).  I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in the world who feels this way about this book (I’ve heard great things about it), but after a few chapters, I just had to put it down.  Taking time to read is a big deal for me, and I felt my time could be used better if I was sleeping (I read right before bed).  I just didn’t get it.  Maybe it’s not the right time in my life to read it.  ???  I failed miserably at my year reading plan.  I think it’s going to take me 2 years to finish it because I think I can read 2 of the 4 passages it provides each day.  On the other hand, I have been reading a lot of John lately because that is the book we are studying in my summer Bible study. 

I did not bake anything this month (mainly because I’ve been doing the 24 day challenge and I have no will power), but I did get together with some old friends of mine I used to work with.  It is always good to catch up with them.  We have continued our play dates each week, Beckham really enjoys.  And we’ve also gone to my parents’ house each week.  That’s one of my favorite times during the summer!  I still haven’t made a behavior chart for Beckham (I think I’m procrastinating until I find the perfect one), but I WILL make it this month.  And finally, we threw such a fun party for Maddox last Sunday.  It kept me busy this month, but I absolutely love that kind of stuff.

My personal goals were focused on health/fitness.  My goal was to run a 9 minute mile and I was able to do that.  I actually ran a 8.42 minute mile.  Having a goal really did help me push myself while running.  I thought about reporting back to you guys with this goal (so thank you…even if no one reads this…lol).  I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and to say I’m disappointed is an understatement.  It has been harder with each child and it most definitely is hardest this go around.  What motivates me to keep pushing through dieting (which we all know I despise), is seeing results on the scale (or at least seeing them in my body).  Neither have happened.  I think I’ve lost 2-4 pounds and it’s been 16 days.  If you knew the amount of crap I cut out of my diet (and calories), I should have definitely lost more than that. Oh well, maybe I’ll lose a bit more these next 8 days.  I will say I feel a bit better internally. 

Schedule shmedule!  That’s really all I have to say about that goal.  I did add 2 signs, but not 4 as I had planned.  I actually shut my shop down (temporarily) a few days ago because I was so busy and burnt out.  I reopened it yesterday though.  You know what I need?  A laptop…the only way to get work done is leave the house. :)  My “office” is next to the kitchen and it doesn’t lend itself to working when kids are home (even when Ryan is home I’m still where boys can see me, which is why I end up working late after they’re in bed).

This was my To-Do List
1. Finish playroom – add wall décor and find white curtains. I decided not to add curtains, but everything looks good and finished.  I just need to find an inexpensive clock.
2. Get the swing set up in our backyard. This was a beating (well, for Ryan and his brother).  The kids love it.
3. Finish patio – add furniture, a wind chime, and a rug (if I can find one).  Ryan also finished painting the side of the house so it looks great out there!

4. Declutter and organize Maddox’s clothes 
5. Declutter and organize master room – I’ve let this room go and it needs a good cleaning.
6. Schedule a dentist appointment.  Yikes, I think it’s been almost a year.  Long story behind why I haven’t gone, but I’m pretty sure I have a cavity.
7. Paint underneath kitchen sink.    
8. Get glasses.  I really need to pick out a pair and fill my prescription.
9. Fix mine and Ryan's phones.  They're synced (long story) and we need to go to the store and have someone help us so we don't do something erase all our contacts.  Oh wait, I already did that.  It's a mess.  I love technology, but it's frustrating sometimes.
10. Back up computer and run antivirus software.
11. Plan a family photo shoot, mainly for Maddox's "One Year" photos.

Looks like I still have some things to do this month.

July goals

When I look at July, I want to focus on one main thing and that is SLEEP.  My goal is to get 8 hours of sleep each night.  This is going to mean that I have to worry less about my Etsy shop and blog.  These are the things I work on at night and keep me up.  Plus, I get sucked into the Internet black hole if I’m on the computer/phone.  My goal is to go to bed around 11:00pm so I can wake up at 7:00am and have a little time before the kids wake up (usually around 7:45ish).  11:00 sounds SO early, but I think I’ll feel so much better throughout the day and have more energy. 


I’m not going to categorize my goals this month, but simply list a few of them.

1. SLEEP – get 8 hours as I mentioned above.

2. RUN 2-3 miles at the gym – I’d love to stick to a 10 minute mile pace while doing that as well, but I have no idea how I’ll start off running.

3. Budget better – I have been really bad about making a budget and not even looking at it until AFTER I’ve spent money.  My goal is to stick to our intended budget as close as possible.  Yes, even as “budget minded” as we are, we still struggle with a budget (well, I say “we” but I mostly mean “me”).

To Do List:
1. Declutter and organize master room
2. Schedule a dentist appointment. 
3. Paint underneath kitchen sink.    
4. Get glasses.  I really need to pick out a pair and fill my prescription.
5. Fix mine and Ryan's phones. 
6. Back up computer and run antivirus software.
7. Buy car seats for the boys.
8. Test drive cars and hopefully CHOOSE a car!
9. Clean vacuum cleaner – this is a beating!
10. Clean grout in kitchen and baseboards around house – another beating!

Here’s to a great month!  We will celebrate the 4th of July tomorrow with my family…hopefully we’ll get to sneak in some fireworks. 

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

1st Birthday Party for Maddox – You Are My Sunshine Theme

Last Sunday we had a great time celebrating Maddox’s 1st birthday!  I’ve known I was going to do this theme for quite some time now.  Since Maddox was a baby I would sing “You Are My Sunshine” to him after he got out of the bathtub.  He would lay his head on my shoulder and listen to me for what seemed like 10 minutes.  It became our thing…a special moment that melted my heart every time. 

A few months ago, I was thinking about what theme we would do for his part and I instantly thought a “Sunshine” party would be perfect since he was born in June.  Coupled with “our song,” and we had a theme!

Here is one of our moments!

May is a super busy time for me with my Etsy shop, so I decided to just order a printable party package from another Etsy seller to go ahead and get the invites out.  Plus, it was super cute and the work was already done for me.  This was hard for me since this is essentially what I do, but it really was worth it.  Here was the invite from Forever Your Prints (obviously with our info).  This is from her website.

We decided not to do actual gifts since he already has so many toys because of Beckham.  We are needing to get him a car seat though.  I totally stole this idea from one of my best friends and made this cute saying to go with the invite.  I was super worried about sending this out, but knew the people coming were close friends and family…people most likely to get him something even if we said don’t.
Gift card request final

Now that the invites were out, next up was the party!  I knew I wanted to “man” up this theme with touches of turquoise.  It was pretty simple to plan…just needed a lot of yellow, gray, white, and turquoise.  I already had a sign I made a while back and I knew I wanted to do BBQ since it was a summer party. 

I focus on 3 areas for decorations…the dining room (where most of food is), the fireplace, and the breakfast table (where either desserts or drinks are).  This year we had a new buffet table in our dining room so I made that the dessert table and the breakfast table in the kitchen had all the drinks on it.  I wanted that close to the back door since I knew people would be grabbing for drinks while outside.

Right when you walked in, you see the dining room.  This is where all the food was.  And let me just say streamers are one of the best ways to decorate for cheap!  I just threw them over the curtain rod.
Maddox One Year-0274

I filled each of those cups with potato salad, but we didn’t get a pic of that.  Same with the coleslaw.  I wanted everything ready to go since I knew most adults would be parents who had their hands full.  We catered the BBQ from Rudy’s…brisket and turkey for people to make sandwiches.  There was also some chips and watermelon.
Maddox One Year-0238

Since BBQ isn’t usually a kid’s pick, I decided to make little sacks with kid friendly food for them to have.  I also wanted to make that easy to grab and take wherever they were going to eat.  It ended up working out great and will always do this from now on.  Inside each bag was a PBJ Uncrustable, a bag of chips, and a baggie of cheese and grapes.  We had juice boxes in a cooler as well for the kiddos (and water).
Maddox One Year-0239

This was adjacent to the dining room table and the first thing you see when you open the front door.  This is where all the desserts were.  I also had Maddox’s monthly photos on suns.  And one of the photos from his cake smash pictures set out on the table next to his cake.
Maddox One Year-0275

My friend Emily made that adorable cake.  It was perfect.  I wanted simple, but cute.  The sun and the 1 were perfect.  The only hiccup we had was that our “well behaved” 3 year old snapped the top off that 1 and ate it BEFORE we sang Happy Birthday and let Maddox “smash” it.  I was so stinking mad, but at least we got a cute picture of it before he ripped it off.  Note to self: Cover cake or put it away as to not tempt children.
Maddox One Year-0240

Emily also made those cookies.  Do those not just make you so happy?!  Those suns!!!  Perfect!  I also made Oreo balls and dipped them in white chocolate and added some yellow sprinkles on top. 
Maddox One Year-0241

These were the “cupcakes” we served.  Little bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  We served White Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, and Swirl.
Maddox One Year-0236

I don’t play when it comes to desserts. :)
Maddox One Year-0243

This was the fireplace.  I always try to keep this simple with a banner and maybe something on top.  I got that 16x20 photo for free on Shutterfly (their promotion this month) and I of course created one of my chalkboard birthday posters.  I usually make these as 16x20’s, but for some reason the guy who printed it, printed this weird 29x34 (or something like that), which I ended up really liking.  And I added a simple banner with some leftover gold letters I had.  Square banners are the easiest to make and I honestly like them better.
Maddox One Year-0246

This was the Drink station by the back door.  We had Beeritas in that jar, lemonade in the mason jars, and water &juice below the table in coolers.
Maddox One Year-0270

I LOVED what I ended up doing with the lemonade.  I filled some mason jars with Crystal Light lemonade, added 2 lemon slices to each one, and jarred them up.  The sign said “Just add some ice” (that’s why there is a little room inside).  I didn’t want to water them down before guests took a jar.  Forgot to take those labels off on top before we snapped the picture :)  Which by the way were so cool.  They were chalkboard labels that the guests can write their name on using their fingernail (or anything sharp).
Maddox One Year-0245

We have a “buffet table” (it’s really just an old dresser) by our front door.  I use this as the favor table so guests can grab a favor on the way out. 
Maddox One Year-0282

We went with my favorite favors to make and give.  Gourmet flavored popcorn.  We have the best popcorn shop downtown and I bought banana and blue raspberry.  I wanted the popcorn to coordinate with the theme (yellow and turquoise).  I simply bought a large bag of popcorn and filled plastic favor bags with a heaping cup of popcorn.  Each tag said “Thanks for making my birthday Brighter.”  Those were also from Forever Your Prints on Etsy.
Maddox One Year-0284

I had a few bubbles for the kids to take as well (the popcorn was for both kids and adults).  These were less than a $1.00 each at Walmart.
Maddox One Year-0285

And I had this sign out for décor on the table as well.
Maddox One Year-0283

I was so busy hosting and mingling that I didn’t snap any pictures, but Ryan managed to snap a few of the guests towards the end of the party.  The kids played outside on our bounce house, in the sandbox, on the swing set and indoors in the playroom. 

Maddox started walking about a week ago, which made it that much more fun for him to enjoy his party.  He enjoyed his cake.  He neatly picked at it and eventually got a little on his face (neat kid…you know I love that).  Note: We did dress him for his party in a cute yellow shirt, but I have not one picture of that.
Maddox One Year-0279

This is what he did when we took it away.

He opened a couple of presents that came anyway and enjoyed the attention.

We had such a great time and are truly blessed to have friends and family to celebrate our sweet baby boy with! 
Maddox One Year-0287

This was a fun theme to plan a party for. And surprisingly easy to clean up from.  My house is back to normal and CLEAN!  Now we’re off to buy a new car seat thanks to our friends and family.  We’re seriously so thankful!

Thank you Logan for taking pictures of the decorations at the party!

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